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How to lighten dark lips Lip Lite

India’s 1st lightening cream for DARK LIPS. It is a unique fusion of ingredients developed exclusively for lips which gives you the following:

A perfect cure for dark lips -

Our lips are considered the least-protected organ of the body. They lack sweat glands and have only a thin layer of skin. This is why they are always prone to external threat. Traditionally, men and women have adopted unhealthy fashions and habits that have further posed threat to lips. There are numerous causes of the darkening of lips such as smoking or excessively drinking tea and coffee or even biting and licking lips continuously. Scientifically, Dark Lips are a result of abundant amount of a pigment called melanin located on lips. So the question arises, how to lighten dark lips?
Lip Lite works like a panacea for lips. It is particularly designed for de-pigmentation of lips. It helps to abate pigment formation that causes darkness and results in bright and pink lips that aesthetically define your face. It is the best lip balm for dark lips.

A perfect sunscreen for lips -

People generally misconceive that lips do not require any kind of protection from the sun. Even a routine exposure to sunlight can cause lips to appear darker. Lip Lite is geared with sun protection that protects your lips from the noxious Ultra-violet Rays securing the tenderness of lips.

A balanced lip moisturizer for all seasons -

A myriad of people are concerned about their chapped lips as it not only looks bad but also hurts bad. A major cause of dried out lips is lack of hydration or moisture. Lips are not equipped with oil glands and sweat glands and for this reason they need to be regularly hydrated. Lip Lite is a must as it keeps lips humidified for long hours. It does not allow cracking even in the harshest conditions as it provides all the moisture demanded by the lips keeping them soft and tender.

No sticky lips -

Are you tired of using products that make your lips sticky? Most importantly products that are oil or petro-jelly based cause lips to become sticky. This can further lead to problems especially in a country like India which is dominated by pollution in the form of dust and smoke. Sticky lips in such an environment can attract and absorb dust and other harmful substances.Liplite is the first and only non-greasy product that keeps your lips shiny yet non-sticky. So don’t be afraid of going out in the open. Just don’t forget to carry Liplite with you.

Method of use-

Perform a patch test by applying a smally amount of the cream on any other part of the body. Massage gently and leave it for 12-24 hrs. Donot use the product if irritation or redness occurs.
If not apply atleast twice daily. Take a very little amount of the cream and apply over the lips. The tapered orifice assures self application with even distribution over the lips. For better results, one application is adviced at bedtime. Discontinue the use if irritation occurs.
A minimum of 6 weeks of use is recommended.

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